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Leading the Way - Business & Football Working together

@Futsal was founded by Managing Director Frank Rodriguez, who was voted national emerging entrepreneur of the year in 2005, after selling Covion Limited, the business which he co-founded with partner David Steventon for 33 million in 2007. Covion was also the 4th fastest growing business in the UK and one of the top 40 fastest growing in Europe.

Coming from Spanish origin (Spain are twice world Futsal Champions) and being a licenced FA coach, Frank has been incorporating Futsal techniques into coaching and playing methods for several years. David Steventon joined @Futsal in January 2008 as Chairman, and together, having a proven track record in the business community for developing rapidly growing and successful businesses, they are driving @Futsal forward.

The business is well structured and funded to support its corporate aims and as such is delighted to have leading investment and banking partners involved in the business. We are also very pleased to be actively engaged with The FA in pioneering all aspects of the sports development in the UK and we will be aiming to provide the arenas for FA leagues and training programs.

Other key members of the management team include the former England Futsal manager Graeme Dell and our international Futsal consultant from Brazil, Marcello Galvao. Both are actively engaged in enabling us to delivery the ultimate playing experience.

Our Technical Director, Lee Herron has significant premiership club experience in coaching and leading community development teams at Reading FC.

Please contact us if you require further corporate information about us.

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  • A management team with a proven track record
  • Well structured and Well Funded Business
  • Committed to a National Roll-out Program
  • Leading the way in Futsal development in the UK
  • Working with The FA and other leading bodies
  • Focused on the development of best Practice and People
  • Arenas that will provide centres of excellence