SWFA Affiliation

added on Wednesday 2nd September 2009

@ Futsal Scores Again!

@ Futsal is proud to announce that they are now Fully Affiliated with the South Wales Football Association.

Not content with being the leading goal scorer where football is concerned, they have now gone one better than their competitors in achieving such an acclaimed affiliation.

The SWFA are extremely pleased to accept @ Futsal onto its team and vice versa.

@ Futsal is continually training to improve not only their game but also the game of those who are playing within their clubs. Now by gaining this highly coveted affiliation they are striking miles above the heads of there competitors. @ Futsal has not only brought Wales its first Purpose built indoor football club but now it first Fully Affiliated 5 a side club.

Through the coming month’s @Futsal and the SWFA will play side by side in maintaining the best football atmosphere for players of all ages and abilities throughout Wales.